I’ve known the Du Preez family for quite some time – I occasionally looked after their two adorable children, Kaylee & Zane a while ago.  I have always had a soft spot for them! I was really excited at the opportunity to photograph them at the beach. My favourite place under the sun!

The shoot got off to an interesting start, we all laughed as I found myself on Clifton 4th while the family found themselves on Clifton 3rd. We were all convinced that we were on the same beach, especially since we could all see the same boat out on the horizon. We laughed over the phone as we tried to navigate towards each other. Luckily, we eventually found each other! When we started the shoot, everyone seemed so relax in front of the camera and there was never a shortage of smiles and laughter. It’s just far to easy to make this family look good!

If there were a set rule on how to choose the best colours to wear for a family photo shoot, it would solve a lot of problems for photographers. However, this family got it just right – making my job such a pleasure. The family’s clothing colour coordination made the perfect contrast against the sky and the ocean. The perfect beach look!

Du Preez family-1

Du Preez family-2Du Preez family-3Du Preez family-4Du Preez family-7Du Preez family-8Du Preez family-9Du Preez family-10
Du Preez family-12Du Preez family-13Du Preez family-18Du Preez family-20